Sweet Home is a recovery and post-surgery care house, devoted to the care and integral management of the medical tourism patient, who is seeking for plastic surgery and other specialized medical services in the Dominican Republic, in the city of Santo Domingo, providing the physical and emotional well being of the patients in a safe, enjoyable, happy and healthy environment, with a green and preservation concept of nature, through our staff who is dedicated to the individualized care of each person, which allows the successfully evolution until the recovery of each patient is transformed into a memorable experience to mark the start of his/her new stage.

That’s why…
…Your Healing is our Passion



Providing the best and most broad proposal of recovery and post-surgery care home, of the international patient arriving to Santo Domingo, to opt for specialized medical services as well as cosmetic and plastic surgeries, through an integrated service provided by our highly qualified staff, complying with all local and international standards to ensure the healthy evolution of our guest, as an enhancement and support for the surgeon’s successful practice.


Be the recovery center of reference in Dominican Republic and abroad, recognized by each of our lodged guests and other starting participants of the medical tourism community, and by our contributions to the healthy and reliable rehabilitation of post-surgical patients, as result of an excellent human treatment with the best service.


  • Responsability
  • Reliability
  • Respect
  • Passion
  • Vocation
  • Drive
  • Integrity