Sweet Home offers a variety of services and amenities to revolutionize the way post-surgical patients of medical tourism in the country, are being taken care of, highlighting attention to detail, always taking into account the patient’s needs.

-Health and safety. A clean, healthy and harmonious environment, aiming to comply with high standards, therefore taking our guest to his/ her recovery.

-Skilled staff. Greatly qualified, with language abilities such as English, French, Italian and Spanish, and will be taking care of our patients from a professional point of view, assessing and reporting on a daily basis the current health status in progress, with ongoing assistance for bathroom, bathing and walks.
-Assistance and medication of our patient, where the medicine intake is monitored and controlled, following the schedules recommended by the surgeon.

-Holding and controlling the medical appointments. Our staff will coordinate and ensure your medical appointments.

-Identification and attention to special conditions. Each individual is different; therefore, through our database and medical records, we will be taken the necessary measures and precautions for each patient.

– Green Policy: We are oriented to our environmental Commitment, preservation and saving of the natural resources, water and energy. Everything in the Recovery works with electro domestic inverter, led lights with low power consumption, gas washing machine, solar power water heater, seeking to protect our endangered planet.

– Transportation Services. During the stay, the patient will have access to a transportation service allowing him/her to move around without any inconvenience and will be getting safely to the appointments, as well as from the arrivals and departures from and to the airport.

– Gastronomic offer: 3 meals and 2 snacks. Each patient will have an eating assessment to obtain better results, along with a nutrition program for 3 months, the daily diet is supported by a cuisine specialist or chef (manager), supporting the highest quality and flavor in a healthy way. Will have a vastly nutritious menu, and in accordance to the qualities of the guest taking into account what they are allergic to, and their post-surgical condition.